Get Ready for Spring with these Home Plumbing Services in Rowland Heights, CA

Maintaining the plumbing in your home is a year-round job, but many homeowners don’t get into the spirit of cleaning until springtime rolls around. Here are three home plumbing services for Rowland Heights, CA homeowners that will keep your plumbing in top condition all season long.

Call a Licensed Plumber for Leak Detection

Finding leaks promptly is important for the following reasons:

• Stop water damage from spreading

• Prevent mold growth

• Lower repair costs

• Reduce unnecessary water usage

Being vigilant year round should never be discounted, but scheduling an appointment with a leak detection plumber near you once a year is a great preventive measure. These services are high-tech and done with precision. They are designed to find the tiniest slab leaks and other hidden leaks.

Purchase Drain Strainers

Shower and bathtub clogs can make it hard to enjoy a shower. They can also lead to water damage and flooding. Drains clog due to a buildup of hair, soap scum, and other debris. This is a normal thing that happens over time and affects all households. You can avoid unexpected drain issues by installing drain strainers over shower, sink, bath, and floor drains. These accessories can be purchased at your local home improvement store very inexpensively. Make sure to clean them regularly to get the most benefits.

Clean Faucet and Showerheads

Clean the faucets? This suggestion usually gets a laugh or two, especially since it seems like these fixtures basically clean themselves. However, these are some of the dirtiest fixtures in your household. Sediment is something that is found in all households. It is formed by trace minerals and other substances that exist in the water supply. Homes that have hard water are more affected by sediment than those with conditioned water. As the sediment collects in faucet aerators and showerheads, it can affect water flow and water pressure. Soak each fixture overnight in vinegar for a quick and easy fix.

If you need addition home plumbing services in Rowland Heights, CA, give us a call. We’ll send a licensed and bonded plumber to your home in 90 minutes or less to help you develop a preventive maintenance plan for your residential plumbing system.

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